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Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic field therapy is a physical therapy, in which broad pulsating magnetic fields of extremely low frequency are made usable for therapeutic purposes.


An organism can be affected bio-energetically by a broad pulsating magnetic field of a certain frequency and intensity.  These magnetic fields penetrate the body - thus also, each cell- completely. The ions existing in the cells, which are well known to be magnetically influenced, are moved in the frequency of the magnetic field pulsation that is flowing through them and so affect metabolism positively. This leads to an improved oxygenation of the cells and thus to an improved metabolism.

At Tara Health Centre we offer Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy in blocks of 15, 20 or 30 minutes. Generally it is recommended that the patient has about 10 sessions at a rate and intensity suited to their condition.

More about pulsating magnetic field therapy:

The therapeutic use of magnetic fields is probably the oldest form of physical therapy. In antiquity one already recognised and used the biological effect of magnetic fields. The writings of famous physicians such as Hippocrates, Hildegard of Bingen and Paracelsus confirm the use of magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes.

The earth's magnetic field covers our planet from north to south. Positive and negative poles, activity and passivity, stimulation and calming- these polarities of all life's processes have their origins in the magnetic poles of north and south.  The magnetic field's energy regulates all living processes on earth. The magnetic resistance of the body's cells and the flowing of vital energies within the body, depend on magnetic fields.

May assist:


Illnesses of the supporting and movement apparatus, also rheumatism and arthritis


Sport injuries such as bruises, sprains, torn muscles and ligaments, tennis arm


Retarded wound and fracture healing


Headaches and migraine (special forms)


Heart and circulation illnesses, blood saturation disturbances


Metabolic illnesses




Bronchitis and inflammations of the nasal cavities (acute and chronic)


Subsequent treatment after operations and tooth extractions, for improved wound healing


  • Cardiac pacemakers

  • Artificial joints, metals

  • Acute autoimmune processes, e.g. Hashimoto Thyreoiditis, acute M.S.

  • Drainage valves

The Magnetic Effect   Magnet Therapy 

Tara Bookshop has books about Magnetic Therapy.


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