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IO2Th Inhaled Ionised Oxygen Therapy

Why humans need oxygen

Conditions of oxygen deficiency become apparent in the form of innumerable illnesses. All biological processes are information-bound energy and, our life and our health especially depend on the electron states of our oxygen. This is supported by the expiration of photosynthesis. Here, electrical photons of solar energy are converted into nutrients, which are again set free in the organism by the breathing process. Oxygen is vitally necessary during the transformation of solar energy stored in nutrients into the high-energy phosphates. The various functions of the human organism depend on this energy and therefore on oxygen.

A lowered oxygen supply of the cells leads to a reduction of energy production and therefore to different complaints or diseases, e.g. to concentration disturbances, reduced levels of achievement, immune weakness, early ageing, peripheral blood circulation disturbances, claudicatio intermittens (Charcot syndrome), open legs, gangrene, heart attacks or strokes.

In 1777, the researcher Bertholon discovered that changes of the atmospheric electricity directly affect the human body system. In particular humans sensitive to changes in the weather are affected by this phenomenon. In 1899, the researchers Elster and Geitel discovered that small, measurable suspended particles exist in air, that they called “atmospheric ions”.

If the balance of the ion potential is disturbed, the body reacts with clear complaints. The ionized oxygen equipment works with anions and cations. The treatments with activated oxygen are made in the form of an oxygen cure, which covers between 10-15 treatments.
It is a therapy-supplementing procedure for health promotion and can be individually combined by the physician with other procedures.

Precautionary measures
In the case of occurrence of one the following symptoms, please interrupt the therapy:

  • Breathing complaints

  • Headache

  • Pressure on the chest

  • Feeling of dizziness and / or visual disturbances

  • Heart complaints

A feeling of warmth as well as an increase in blood circulation are to be regarded as favorable.

In the following cases the therapy should be accomplished only after detailed clarification by the treating physician:

  • Pregnancy

  • Infants up to the age of six years

  • Infections, not accurately clarified diseases, psychosis, hyper- thyroidism

  • Patients with heavy chronic lung or heart illness

  • Patients with a fresh cardiac or brain infarct

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