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Homeopathy is a main form of treatment used at Tara Health Centre. We have found homoeopathic remedies to be extremely beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions.  For this reason we include homeopathic medicines in all our regular consultations and also sell special homoeopathic and isopathic complexes imported from overseas.

Sometimes called "The Royal Medicine" because the British Royal Family has utilised homoeopathic medicines since the 1830s, this treatment system is derived from both natural medicine and orthodox science.

It brings together the best of both worlds.

More about homoeopathy:

Homoeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical science that utilises extremely small doses of substances to stimulate a person's immune and defence system. Each remedy is individually prescribed according to the "law of similars " - that is, a substance which creates in overdose a specific set of symptoms in a healthy person will cure these similar symptoms in a sick person when given in very small doses.

The homoeopathic remedies works so effectively because they work with rather than against, the body's inherent immune system.

For example:
Apis Mellifica - The sting of a bee is used in homoeopathy to create a remedy to treat bites and stings as well as generally for oedema of the skin and mucous membranes.

Passiflora Incarnata- Passion Flower is used to make this remedy which is used to treat various conditions including whooping-cough, insomnia, teething and spasms.

Common and irritating symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, colds and coughs and allergies respond best to homoeopathic remedies. Some chronic conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, stress-related, emotional and mental disorders have been helped with homoeopathy.

The science of homeopathy was developed by German physician and chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in the early 1800's

Dr. Hahnemann experimented with the theory that "like cures like" and then determined that the effects of the remedies he tested on himself were too toxic at the conventional dosage level. He found that when a remedy is properly diluted, healing is achieved without the severe side effects.

Classical Homeopathy is very different in approach from most medical care systems. Doctors generally give a medicine for a doctor for a specific disease or problem to go away.  But the symptoms are there for a reason, and if the reason still exists then the problem will return, either in the same form or as a different disease or problem.

It is common experience that despite treatment, problems return again and again. At other times problems seem to disappear after treatment, but not long afterwards new problems come out to take their place. The reason for this is that the core problem wasn't dealt with. This is called suppression. Homeopathy has a clear understanding of the difference between suppression and real cure. With cure, the root of the problem is dealt with first, and as a result the symptoms are no longer needed and fade away.

In most cases homeopaths look at everything that is going on in the patient's life, not just a few symptoms in isolation. A list of apparently unrelated problems such as headaches, depression, insecurities, low energy etc may stem from the same root cause and by dealing with it, all of the problems will fade away.

After the correct homeopathic remedy, most patients feel greater well-being and happiness. Homeopathic care goes much deeper than most types of treatment. Changes in life long problems, both physical and emotional are reported.

Use of Homeopathy is now growing fast due to its high success rate in helping people, especially those that cannot be helped by conventional medicine. Homeopathy is very common and accepted in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, India and many other countries.

Homeopathy is often extremely effective with people who have chronic diseases. This includes any long-term physical or emotional problems, as well as illnesses which return time and time again. Whether conventional medicine considers the condition curable or not is not the major factor in determining whether homeopathy can help. Homeopathy is also appropriate for those who have problems that bother them, even though no disease has been diagnosed.


1. The homeopathic approach utilizes minute quantities of medicinal substances to create therapeutic physiological changes through subtle-energy fields.

2. In homeopathic remedies, the energetic signature of the medicinal substance is transferred to a solvent, such as water and sometimes then to a neutral pill of milk sugar. It is the vibrational signature of the substance and not its molecular properties which are utilized for healing benefits.

3. In homeopathy, the more dilute a remedy's molecular concentration, the greater its potency. This is opposite to conventional medicines in which there is a greater potency with higher molecular concentrations.

4. Homeopathy is based upon the Law of Similars, whereby a remedy is chosen for its ability to reproduce the symptoms of the sick person in a normal healthy individual. By matching the symptom complex of the patient with the known "drug picture" of the remedy, a correct vibrational match between patient and remedy is achieved.

5. In homeopathy, a remedy is chosen for its ability to stimulate and rebalance the physical body through supplying a needed frequency of subtle energy. If the remedy's frequency matches the patient's illness state, a resonant transfer of energy will allow the patient's bioenergetic system to effectively assimilate the needed energy, throw off the toxicity, and move to a new equilibrium point of health.

Many respected people support homoeopathy  - don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Mahatma Gandhi -  "Homoeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment."

Yehudi Menuhin  - "Homoeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years."

Charles Frederick Menninger, M.D., Founder of the Menninger Clinic - "Homoeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine."

Mark Twain - "The introduction of homoeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that homoeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths (the orthodox physicians) to destroy it."

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