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Counselling offers support in times of distress or personal challenges in life and addresses the experience of the whole person.

Counselling brings in different perspectives to how we may normally approach or look at situations in life, helping to identify and resolve issues that may be causing you difficulty.

It provides the opportunity to be deeply listened to, to be acknowledged, and to have our thoughts/emotions/sense of self validated. In the sessions we explore what's working and what's not, uncover underlying issues, putting new supports in place, building on internal strengths allowing the client to be present and able to move forward.

Counselling offers a safe space where there is empathy, compassion, genuineness, and acceptance (non-judgement) to explore the depths of feelings/issues and self. Together we work on cultivating awareness and finding new ways to respond to the impacts of stress and adversity in life so that you can experience healing and lead a fuller, more integrated life.

Counselling is not a 'one-size fits all approach' as it deeply acknowledges and respects the uniqueness of each individual and their journey.

About our Practitioner

Liljana is a qualified counsellor, group facilitator and trainer in the mental health sector. She works from a holistic approach to address the experience of the whole person, exploring the body - mind - spirit as a unified system, depending on the individual and their needs. Bringing awareness to all areas of your experience can help you lead a fuller, more integrated life.

Areas of Special Interest:

  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Grief & Loss,
  • Self Esteem,
  • Emotional Healing,
  • Finding Meaning & Purpose,
  • Trauma Informed Care,
  • Self Development,
  • Body-Mind Connection,
  • General Counselling,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Cultivating Strength & Resilience


"Intimate, supportive and transforming. Liljana holds a most gentle yet profoundly transformative space. Ive been guided to gain a deeper awareness about myself and use this to support myself instead of running myself down. Thank you for the insights, the support, and the healing that has enabled me to come out of a shell being much stronger than I knew myself to be. - Anna

"I found Liljana's genuine & empathetic qualities encouraging and surprised to find I could naturally open up and talk about things I have found difficult to express or share with others. I now have a much healthier & honest relationship with my partner (and myself!) " - Josh

"Gosh I am experiencing being soooo much more calm and quiet on the inside, whilst being more joyous at the same time. I wasn't expecting that. The kids and hubby appreciate it too :-) It feels like something within me got liberated, that I can have all this quiet space inside of me and I am the one that is empowered to choose it and own it. Awesome" - Tracey

"Thank you for being a kind & compassionate therapist. You were there for me at a point in my life where I really needed someone to understand and support me. - Liz M

"I got so much from these sessions. Ive found my anxiety levels are about 50% of what they were and when I notice the signs coming on again, I now recognise it before it takes over me, I catch in the moment and practise the tips you shared. Its such a relief to have a different experience. Thanks !! " - Gina


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